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Fall Into Dance...

It's that time of year dancers, when we get into the routine of dance classes! I love this time of year when we can set training goals then train hard to reach those goals. Don't be afraid to challenge yourself! Be creative and try something new. Push yourself to new limits... stretch deeper, focus longer,turn one more time, leap higher... the sky is the limit! I have great faith in your abilities! Limitations only exist if you let them. Enjoy the journey that is dance...the ups, the downs, the joy, the sorrow, the exuberance, the sore muscles, the aching feet, the thrill of learning a new move or stunt, the music that moves you to dance...let yourself experience it all, for that is how we will tell our stories! I hope you give yourselves the freedom to dance from your soul! Let yourself fall into won't be sorry you did!

Miss Shari

Our feature student of the month is Addisyn Wright. Addisyn began dancing when she was just five years old. She has been dancing for 4 years. She loves to perform, compete and choreograph. She is the daughter of Blaine and Tifanie Wright and the granddaughter of Terri and Tad Coon. We love having her in our studio! Watch for more exciting dancing to come from this motivated, talented dancer!


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