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Meet our talented team of instructors at DancExpo, Inc. Focused on teaching exceptional technique and creating unforgettable experiences, our team is committed to our dancers’ satisfaction and success. Read through our instructors’ bios below, and if you’d like to set up an introductory meeting don’t hesitate to reach out.



As a former Dance Dad, A current Dance Grandpa, Dance Husband and Retired Sergeant Major, Von Auna is the perfect candidate to run our company. A father of four daughters, 3 dancers and 3 budding dancers, he is well qualified to handle the daily business that is dance. He has sat through hundreds of competitions, recitals and performances with a smile on his face and roses in hand...sometimes a tissue and a shoulder to cry on. You may see him once in awhile, but don't let that SGM exterior scare you...he's a dance dad at heart! He builds sets, manages finances and can glue gun with the best of us!


CFO/Office Manager



Founder/Artistic Director

I have had a passion for all things dance as long as I can remember! It is my privilege as the Artistic Director of DancExpo, Inc. to instill this same love for dance, movement, music and performance in our students. I bring 32 years of experience in professional dance performance, instruction and competitive coaching, to the dance floor. Being married to a military service member has afforded me the opportunity to train dancers from the East Coast to Alaska. Building and owning our own successful dance studio in Alaska has given us the necessary experience and foresight to establish a successful studio here in Arizona. It is my privilege to share my love of dance and the performing arts with your child. Come and join us in this dance adventure!

Cassandra Tisdale


Acro/Dance Instructor

 Curtis Walker was born in Columbus, Ohio on November 30th, 1971. Both parents served in the military, moving around frequently until he was 6, when they moved to Arizona. He has lived here ever since. Growing up, he always had a love for break dancing, martial arts, and gymnastics. He studied dance at Royal Dance Works in Phoenix also taking dance courses at Deer Valley Highschool. He was a primary dancer in a hip-hop crew called North Side Crew out of Phoenix. They auditioned to compete on Ed McMahon’s Star Search. In 1991 this was the equivalent to America’s Got Talent or World of Dance. They won their first round with 3 and ¾ stars. This was an amazing opportunity and learning experience, and we were blessed to be a part of it.

Over the years his passion for dance, cheer, and gymnastics grew, along with his skills. He began to develop an interest in teaching others everything he had learned along the way. He taught dance and tumbling at dance studios, gyms, and schools. After teaching dance for a few years, he realized that his true passion was in teaching tumbling and cheer. Since then, he has worked as a cheer/tumbling coach for 31 years, with 4 of those years being as a Head Coach of two local high schools. He has worked with over 50 Elementary, Junior High, High Schools, and Junior Colleges throughout Arizona, Nevada, and California, becoming one of the valley’s premier tumbling coaches. He has also worked at many cheer gyms as an All-star Cheer Coach throughout the Valley and additionally offers private lessons.

In 2018 he took a leap of faith and decided to start his own business as a traveling tumbling coach. Watching athletes achieve their goals brings him great purpose and joy. In his words he “feels honored that parents trust him to be a part of their children’s lives and their journey, and it is a blessing from above.”

We feel very blessed and lucky to have him as part of our DancExpo Inc. Staff and look forward to our dance students increasing their abilities in Acro/Dance.


Senior Dance Instructor


Dance Instructor

Leilany Ramos is an accomplished performer and competitive dancer. She has been dancing for 15 years and is trained in the styles of ballet, tap, jazz, hip-hop, contemporary/lyrical, and acro. She was on the Dysart High School dance/pom team, acting as captain for three of four years. She is an accomplished choreographer and award-winning competitor. We are excited to welcome her to our DancExpo Inc family!

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London is a certified HIGH Fitness instructor and currently teaches group fitness classes at multiple exercise facilities throughout the West Valley. 

Her favorite part about teaching group fitness is watching her participants push and support each other. There is strength in numbers and accountability in being part of a team. She has a huge love for the women in her community and in empowering them to be strong physically as well as mentally though exercise. 

London also has a strong passion for music. She has experience teaching in the music field and believes that group fitness combined with good music is essential! She likes to bring a fun factor to her fitness classes which keeps people craving more! 

She relocated from Idaho to Arizona last year and has a very supportive husband and three beautiful children.

Ballet Instructor

Cassandra is a native of Arizona who grew up training, competing, and performing throughout Arizona, California, and Nevada. Her true passion for dance is showcased through the numerous years of experience teaching dance to all ages. Cassandra has had the privilege of teaching dance for the past 25 years in Arizona to countless students. She has extensive knowledge when it comes to classically training students. Ballet and technique is key to a dancers training. Cassandra enjoys working with children on developing their skills and proper technique in ballet. She has worked to develop and train dancers for competitive dance, high school pom or cheer teams, audition for plays, college dance team, NFL or NBA dance teams, Disney, and auditioning for companies. Cassandra also has extensive background working with children and adults who have special needs. She has countless hours of training and certification though her 20 plus years of working with special needs children and adults. She truly believes anyone should get the chance to enjoy dancing no matter their limitations and everyone is worth teaching.

Sarah has always had a love for the dance, gymnastics and cheerleading world. Competing and performing for over 30 years. In college she continued taking dance classes performing as well as teaching. She  has coached and choreographed cheer, pom, hip hop and other styles of dance for kids of all ages for 17 years. She loves seeing kids learn and grow in dance while enjoying themselves in the process. Sarah thrives on spending time with her husband of 16 years and their amazing 2 children. She is happy to be able to showcase her talents teaching students having had the background of dance and cheer and absolutely loves working with children.

Studio: 623-215-7105

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